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Termite Inspections

Allied Building Inspections provides termite inspections. Harry Morrell is a Missouri licensed termite inspector (License #N04630). A termite inspection can be performed at the same time as the full house inspection. A termite inspection is always recommended for a real estate transaction. Some lending institutions require a clean bill of health on the presence of termites. FHA lenders all require termite inspections for real estate transactions.

Missouri termites are mostly subterranean, and are hard to detect unless you know exactly what you are looking for. The termites are most always in the ground below grade, in the wood, or traveling through shelter or mud tubes.

Real estate transaction termite inspections are typically visual in nature. No destructive or intrusive inspecting is performed. This will prevent damage to your home before it is sold. Small colonies of termites can often exist without the home owner's knowledge. Termites are slow eaters and a small colony will not cause noticeable short-term damage. Follow up inspections are always recommended on a yearly basis. Never let your house go without a termite inspection for any extended period of time.

Treating a home with termicides as a preventative measure is not allowed for environmental reasons. The only alternatives home owners have is regular inspections or underground bait stations placed around the perimeter of the house. Fees for termite inspections start at $85.00 for a house with a full inspection. Commercial buildings and multi-family dwellings are higher.

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